Galapagos Research Station team collaborating at California Academy of Sciences

Por Paola Díaz Freire

A team of staff members lead by our Executive Director, Arturo Izurieta, traveled to San Francisco, in California, from 23rd to 26th of July, to work with the Science and communications teams of the California Academy of Sciences, and to actively participate in the Nightlife at the Academy event. The Board of the Charles Darwin Foundation met in California to discuss the last quarter and future actions for the conservation work of CDF in Galapagos.



Our Chief Development Officer, Renee Monroe, our Communications Manager, Paola Díaz Freire and the Principal Investigator for the Marine Invasive Species Program, Inti Keith were part of the team, along with Nicolas Moity, marine biologist, David Anchundia, ornithologist and Jacqueline Rodríguez, entomologist. Our audiovisual producer, Juan Manuel García, received a grant to be part of this expedition to register the California Academy of Sciences archive, collections and historic meeting.


The California Academy of Sciences (CAS) is home to the world's largest collection of scientific specimens from the Galapagos, most notably a finch collection, so significant, that it continues to help modern-day researchers answer scientific questions. The majority of CAS Galapagos fieldwork now focuses on the marine environment, where dozens of new species have been discovered in the last decade.

The current initiatives were intended to explore possibilities to strengthen further the collaboration and joint efforts of the two institutions to carry out first-class scientific research and local capacity building. Key meetings took place and collaboration is moving forward.


At the NightLife event an expert discussion panel took place on the Sustainability of the Galapagos, the book Darwin and its Bears, written by Dr. Frank Sullaway was presented as well as booth presentations of the projects in Galapago were staff members shared their experiences with guests.


During the discussion panel about Sustainability of the Galapagos. Photo by: Juan Manuel García, CDF.


 Nicolas Moity, David Anchundia and Juan Manuel García received a grant from the California Academy of Sciences for their travel. Thanks to the generosity of CAS their trip was possible.
We are working on the plan of the 2020 expedition, keep following us for updates.





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