Marine World Exhibit Opens in Celebration of World Oceans Day in Galapagos

A new exhibit at the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Van Straelen Interpretation Center has been re-opened with the “Marine World” themed display after 18 years. Thanks to the support of Save Our Seas Foundation, we painted the walls, designed new information panels, made artifacts of different materials and re-designed the floor space to carry out our Shark Ambassadors Program and other educational activities with the local community. World Oceans Day was the chosen date to open this new space.

During 2016, we launched the Protect the Fins and the Ocean Wins campaign with the aim of promoting Galapagos as an example of sustainable co-existence between humans and sharks. During this campaign, we worked with more than 1500 kids that filled a chart during the workshops with topics they wanted to learn about sharks and answered questions that helped us to evaluate their perceptions towards these animals.

As part of our Marine Education Project in 2017, we develop the Shark Ambassadors Program that uses experience as a tool to learn more about sharks and marine ecosystems. Our souvenirs are an important way of supporting initiatives such as the Shark Ambassadors Program and to maintain the Marine World exhibit.

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